About us

Moai statues at Rano Raraku, Easter Island

Music has always been a central part of the Rapa Nui culture. Practically everyone here can sing or dance, play an instrument, perhaps carve or draw, and some have all of these gifts. Still, there was nowhere to buy a set of guitar strings, and you could commonly see artists playing with five or four strings, or even less than that. Since the end of 2017 this became a problem of the past, when the doors of RapaMusic finally opened.

During this journey we have been finding ourselves more every day. Thanks to wishes and needs that the community has presented to us, the way has been illuminated for us. More than just being a music store, we have become a place where locals and tourists go for whatever music-related need they have. Today, RapaMusic is the musical temple of Rapa Nui.

Our vision for the future is now clear. We will continue to promote and develop the musical culture of Rapa Nui with the strong love we feel for our island and its culture.