Acoustic guitar guitarlele MAHORI nylon MAH-40 + founds

Acoustic guitar guitarlele MAHORI nylon MAH-40 + founds

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After a long learning time and investigation finally we have found the perfect combination in relation price and quality.

There are already more than 10 of certified years of experience, being pioneers, specialists and leaders on the market.

The new line of Guitarleles MAHORI they came to remain in our country, being provided with a big sound that is possible thanks to its construction with noble wood and other chosen components, where we will have to ours scope Instruments that adapt themselves to our needs and pocket.

  • I SHAPE: MAH-40
  • Acoustic scale: 510mm
  • Neck: Okume.
  • Top: Laminated KOA.
  • Side & back: Laminated mahogany.
  • Finished: Mate
  • Ropes Aquila Series
  • It includes Case

A guitarlele is a hybrid between a classic guitar and an ukulele. The size is similar to that of the ukulele, but it maintains 6 ropes of the guitar instead of the 4 of this one. This format has two fundamental attractions, on the one hand, the portability of the small size of the ukulele, and, as other, the curved learning fall for the guitarists, since, on having maintained the same number of ropes of that of guitar, (and the refining relation between them), it is not necessary to learn new chords it to begin touching (something that yes happens with the ukulele).

The guitarlele is chosen by many guitarists those who like the tone of the ukulele. They can begin touching it very quickly without need to learn new positions. Although the sound is not exactly equal, it is alike enough.